How COVID and Quarantine Catapulted My Relationship Forward

March 30, 2021

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I think it’s safe to say that none of us have experienced a global pandemic before. This is the shit you see in sci-fi movies, not something you actually live through. Yet here we are, a year into this pandemic.

My boyfriend, Andrew, and I had only started dating 7 months before the world shut down last March. That’s not usually long enough for people to move in together, but when faced with the world as we knew it ending and strict lock down, he unofficially moved into my place and we quarantined together.

Keep in mind that I’ve never lived with a boyfriend before. I also had the cutest apartment ever at the time with every room decorated exactly how I wanted it and all my stuff perfectly set up just so. The thought of having his not-so-cute boy stuff everywhere all of a sudden gave me anxiety, but I moved some things around, made some space in the closet and bathroom and we made it work.

Surprisingly, it was a pretty easy transition. I worked from home in my office, he worked from the couch or dining room table. We had happy hour on the front porch, cooked dinner together and enjoyed each other’s company. We figured out how to get booze delivered (thank GOD for Drizzly!), where to buy good face masks, how to use the Houseparty app and watched Tiger King…you know, all the things everyone was figuring out in those first few weeks.

Things were going so well that about two months into quarantine he came back from a night at his apartment and was a different man. He was all lovely dovey and said that he’s ready to move out of his apartment for good, ready to move in with me and ready to have a baby. I’m sorry what??? This was big news since he had lived in his place two blocks from the beach, surrounded by his bffs, for 12 years. And also, he was the one bringing all this up, not me.

He had come to the realization that none of that other stuff mattered any more. My house and me now felt more like home than his place. He loved spending his time with me and wanted to be here instead of there.

Being a woman that has been conditioned to not say too much too soon for fear of scaring off a man by God forbid showing him that you like him, this all came as welcome news to me. It’s what every woman wants to hear from a man she’s super into.

Things moved quickly after that. We got a storage unit together and he officially moved in and got rid of his place a few weeks later. The next few months were a wild ride. We had to put his 15 year old dog down, we started trying for a baby, we got a puppy of our own and a joint checking account to pay for expenses, his dad died but we couldn’t be there because #COVID, we moved into a bigger house together and did two rounds of IVF.

That’s a lot of shit for any couple to go through, but all this happened in the span of about 6 months! It was intense to say the least. So I guess that’s what they mean when people say your life can be dramatically different a year from now. Sitting here in March of 2022, I can honestly say that a year ago I would have never thought all of this would have happened so quickly.

Lucky for us, quarantine helped solidify our relationship and commitment to each other. The fear and uncertainty of a global pandemic brought us together. The forced isolation helped us deepen our friendship and trust. The death of his dog and dad forced us to be vulnerable. We learned what makes each other tick and how to love each other. While it was a pretty shitty time for the entire world, it was a wonderful time for our relationship.

I know many relationships that didn’t survive quarantine. Thankfully we were, and still are, on the winning side of it. We have our health, each other, our puppy and a new life that we are continuing to create together.

It’s a bit surreal after being single for 40 years to now be in this relationship and have so many of the things I’ve wanted for so long. While I love it, there is part of me that also misses my previous life. More on that in another post.

For now, I’m happy to say that COVID and quarantine were a welcome catapult for our relationship. It’s nice to be able to have some good come out of something that has been so deadly and detrimental to so many people’s lives.

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