The Lies They Tell You so You’ll Feel Better About STILL Being Single

If you’ve been single for any length of time, particularly if you’ve ventured into your 40s without ever being engaged, married, divorced, widowed and without kids, then you’ve definitely heard some of these lines before. Often, well-meaning friends, family, colleagues and pretty much anyone else you come into contact with, just can’t help but feed […]

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KEEPin' IT REAL since 1980

There is no shortage of dating, relationship and personal development books on the market. It feels like every twenty-something girl that’s ever appeared on the Bachelor has written a flimsy book about dating. That’s why it takes so much to really stand out in this field. The two books below are definitely worth reading. They […]

Two Must-Read Dating Books That Will Blow Your Mind


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Erin Stafford

Yes, I’m still single. No, I’ve never been engaged, never married, and no, I don’t have any kids. Shit, I’ve never even really lived with a boyfriend unless you count the ex who moved in uninvited for a few months because he thought it would be cheaper to put his stuff in a storage unit and live in a hotel with his daughter than rent an apartment. More on that later.

Get a Sneak Peek at the Intro of My First Book: “No Man’s Land”


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