You kill it in every area of your life except dating.

“No Man’s Land: The Search for Mr. Right” is the dating book for successful, single women tired of being told “You just haven’t met the right guy yet.” An entertaining commentary on dating, it’s for the otherwise-successful, pushing-40 woman—the one who kills it in all other aspects of her life yet somehow is still single. This book sees her, speaks to her and is written by her. 

In this candid and humorous book, Erin Stafford, University of Cambridge grad and VP of marketing for a $3 billion company in her day job, serves up 11 chapters with bite-sized sub-sections full of entertaining stories, social commentary, raw emotion, honesty and sometimes pointed advice.

At its heart, “No Man’s Land” is a story about resilience and determination. By the end, you'll experience validation in your emotions, inspiration to keep going and a sense of community to traverse this deep sea of WTFs in the search for Mr. Right.

Hey GIRL, this book's for you if:

You just haven't met the right guy yet, they're intimidated by you, you'll be next and it will happen when you least expect it are just a few of the lies explored in chapter one. 

The Lies They Tell You So You'll Feel Better

How You Supposedly Got Here

You're too focused on your career, too focused on your education, make too much money, are too independent and you've waited too long are examined in chapter two.

what's inside:

Is This It?

Chapter eleven details the mind f*ck that comes when you finally get what you've always wanted but are still left wondering if this is it. 

"Erin is the real deal. She is a confident, competent ass-kicker who makes you feel like you've known her all your life."

"One of her greatest gifts is storytelling and thankfully she's got lots of material!! Strap in, you're in for a wild ride!"


49, image consultant,
Mother of two

What she said...

"If I want to know the absolute truth, I go to Erin."

"She’s a straight-shooter, no-bullshit friend who doesn’t beat around the bush. Who wouldn’t want Erin in their circle of influence? She’s as sharp as a tack and makes you laugh while keeping it REAL....especially when it comes to dating. She inspires single women and married couples alike. She invigorates us all!"


54, permanent makeup artist,bonus mom and fur mom

"Erin is one of the most inspiring human beings I know."

"Her go-getter attitude and tell-it-like-it-is approach is so refreshing. She kills it when it comes to her career, she is a world traveler and a chronic dater. Erin will crack you up with her online dating chronicles. Her stories hit all too close to home, are hilarious and all too real just like her."


40, wine consultant, pregnant with twins

“When in doubt, declare victory, pour some wine and call it a day!”