I'm Erin Stafford.

Dating writer, speaker, hype-girl, marketer, overachiever and no-BS friend who always brings wine.

Helping you navigate the intersection between dating, relationships and your career. 

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Pour yourself a drink and let's chat about this thing called dating.

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Going from "me" to "we."

It's complicated. Especially if you've been single for most of your life. Throw in trying to balance your career at the same time, and you've got yourself the makings of a Xanax prescription. Luckily, we're in this together and I can help.

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No Man's Land: The Search for Mr. Right is Erin's candid, hilarious take on the mental mind f*ck that is dating. It's for successful, single women who are sick of being told "You just haven't met the right guy yet." 

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Erin is a dynamic, engaging speaker. Her delivery is frank, relatable and straight from the heart. Through vulnerable storytelling, she uses her dating experiences to tackle broader messages of hope, resiliency and determination. Audiences leave feeling entertained, inspired and fired up to live their best life.

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This is where I share dating stories that will make you say "OMG, me too!", relationship insights, career hacks, the deets on all my favorite things and behind-the-scenes glimpses of my life trying to keep it all together.

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"One of Erin's greatest gifts is storytelling and thankfully, she's got lots of material!" 

- Amy, 49

"Erin is the real deal. She is a confident, competent ass-kicker who, after a brief encounter with her, makes you feel like you've known her all your life." 

I'm Erin, your new no-BS friend.

I survived more dates, ghostings and break ups than I care to count, yet have still managed to kick ass in my career and life. I'm a straight shooter that exudes positivity, who's passionate about helping you navigate the ever-changing intersection of dating, relationships and your career.  

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